Our Story – Trips

Our tagline at Crossing Countries – “Challenging Boundaries, Changing lives” – epitomises our undertaking: we seek to raise awareness of everyone’s value to society, and to empower people to be more than they thought they could be.

We challenge social perceptions and labels, and through our trips we want to show that everyone is equal: we all face challenges, and we all have the ability to support each other.


Our story starts back in 2007 in South Africa, where the founder, Jean Cathro, had a wonderful volunteering experiences. Hearing of her life changing trip made her disabled students at the University of Edinburgh want to live the same empowering experiences. So Jean organised a first trip to Durban for a small group of students to volunteer in township schools and local NGOs and in February 2015 Crossing Countries was officially founded.

Crossing Countries is now a passionate team of volunteers who tailor international trips for disabled and non-disabled volunteers wanting to make a difference by helping others while exploring other countries and cultures.


To learn more about how our organisation works and how we help people change lives, you can:

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