How It Works – Trips

You can come to us with a friend, or join our team. Once we have the team finalised we will then help you work together to fundraise and plan for your trip, and for your placement projects.

We take care of all technical aspects of your trip:

  • We book the flights, accommodation, and transport with a driver
  • We find a local “traveller” who will assist you in the destination country
  • We provide tailored volunteer placements
  • We ensure 24 h support from a Team Leader (one for each team of around 6 people)
    who will accompany you for the whole trip
  • We will provide disability training prior to your departure (if necessary).

Who can apply
Anyone aged 18 or over can apply.
You need to have a suitable insurance and raise between £1,800 and £3,500 each for a 3 week adventure.
The cost depends on your flight and accommodation preferences.
You will have to take additional money for food, or anything else you want to buy.

How to apply

To apply for a volunteering experience abroad you just need to complete our application form, or get in touch with us using our Contact Us page.

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