Our tailored trips forge partnerships between disabled and non-disabled volunteers, so that you can volunteer overseas together and have that adventure you always dreamed of.


You can come to us with a friend, or join our team. We will then help you work together to fundraise and plan for your trip, and for your placement projects.

We support you while you fundraise and plan your trip and volunteer placements, provide disability training (if necessary) and a welcome pack with lots of useful information. We book your flights, accommodation, and transport with a local driver, and provide tailored volunteer placements and 24 hour support while you are away.

There are lots of opportunities to meet past volunteers and learn about the country you are visiting.

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Volunteer overseas together and have that adventure you always dreamed of. These travellers did…

What an amazing 17 days, I was privileged to be a part of some incredible projects, whilst meeting so many wonderful people along the way. I am very proud of everything we achieved …it is an experience I will truly never forget. Laura
I would happily be this tired forever if we could continue to do what we did…This journey has lit a fire in me to do more, for others as well as myself.
I was floated off the chair and into the sea …It was just an experience I never expected to have again.
This was a great trip I would go back in a heartbeat. Mark
I questioned myself as to why I would put myself through this, but then what I was part of made it all worthwhile. Jude
Two weeks of pondering the heart of African lives, changed something in my own life…Agata
I may look like I am a normal person, but mentally I believe I was disabled. I had a stereotype… I believed there were things which were just made for white people. That was my barrier …But Suzi, Laura and Jean took me in to an adventure. I challenged my boundaries and I am so grateful about that. Philani

Past Trips

We encourage everyone involved to keep a record of their trips with us, whether that’s written, photographic, or video. We’d like to share some of these with you. Get started by clicking one of the links below.

Durban 2018 – Photo Diary

Durban 2018

Durban 2016

Durban 2015

Durban 2014