How it Works – Workshops

So, the idea is…

  • As a Facilitator
    you work with our team and outside experts, to develop an activity about something you feel passionate about, something that you want to share with other people and that makes a positive social change.
    It can be anything from taking up a hobby, accessing education or getting a job. This is an opportunity to use your voice, to share your life experience and to change the world you live in while gaining new skills.
    Your activities should be – fun, educational and social. They should promote innovation, problem solving and creativity (you do this every day anyway, in some form, so we are just changing the context).
  • As a Client
    you just get in touch with us, tell us when and where you want a workshop (either at your premises or we will book a venue) and then just sit back and see your staff or students enjoy the process of discovering a practical understanding of disability which they can apply in their personal and professional lives. Alternatively drop us an email and we can have a chat about any special requirements you may have.

A typical workshop will have a short introduction, three or four activities (each lead by a disabled person) and two or three activities which people can try on their own. These are some of the activities…

Tools of the Trade: Guess what the disability aid is used for and design a better one.

Match the quote: Find the quote that matches the person.

Design a Swing Park: Make a swing park that’s suitable for children with learning and physical disabilities.

Find your way: Complete a jigsaw puzzle of Edinburgh and go on a journey with a visually impaired person

Adapt-a-tool: Make a box of tools suitable for someone with a disability.

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