FAQs – Trips

For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

Q: Who is Crossing Countries?

A: Crossing Countries is a social enterprise founded in February 2015 by Jean Cathro and run solely by a small but passionate team of volunteers.

Q: What does Crossing Countries stand for?

A: We believe that everyone should have equal opportunities and should be valued equally in society. We believe through volunteering and travel we can challenge social perceptions and labels and empower people to be more than they thought they could be. We believe everyone has the ability to support each other.

Q: What does Crossing Countries do?

A: We support you while you fundraise and plan your trip and volunteer placements. We provide disability training (if necessary) and a welcome pack with lots of useful information. There are lots of opportunities to meet past volunteers and learn about the country you are visiting. We book your flights, accommodation and transport (with a local driver). We provide a local ‘traveller’, tailored volunteer placements and 24 hour support while you are away.

Q: How do you get money?

A: We fundraise though events and donations that can be submitted though our website, using the “donate” button on our home page.  

Q: How much does a trip cost?

A: Each volunteer needs to have a suitable insurance and raise between £1,800 and £ 3,500 each for a 3 week adventure. The cost depends on your flight and accommodation preferences. You will have to take additional money for food, or anything else you want to buy.

Q: What do I gain?

A: An amazing life changing experience, new friends (here and in your destination country), new skills and something really eye catching to put on your CV.

Q: Who can be a volunteer?

A: Anyone aged 18 or above.

Q: How can I be a volunteer?

A: To apply for a volunteering experience abroad you just need to complete our application form, or get in touch with us by email, facebook or twitter.

Q: Can people with any type of disability apply?

A: All disabled and non-disabled people willing to volunteer are welcome to get in touch with us. We consider every application so we can tailor the trip according to each volunteer’s skills and abilities.

Q: How far in advance do I need to apply?

A: There is no deadline because we form teams of around 6 people with a team leader so it depends on the preferences of those in the team.

Q: How long does it take to organise a trip?

A: The time needed to organise a trip varies according to your preferences. Anything from few months up to one year, depending on the logistics and amount of money you need to raise.

Q: How long does the trip last?

A: The average length of our trips is of 3 weeks.

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