About being an incubee, wearing a blindfold and spreadsheets

I have been learning a whole new vocabulary and been meeting some awesome other social entrepreneurs as I was accepted on the Scottish Incubation and Ideation Awards Scheme run by the Melting Pot, which started in mid-September. ‘Revenue streams’, ‘customer segments’ and ‘social impact’ now trip off the end of my tongue. To say nothing of my 1 minute elevator pitch. To be accepted for the second half of the course I have a 5 minute pitch to give in December, my poor cat is now fed up hearing why Crossing Countries is unique and why I should remain on the award scheme. The other awardees have also been tutoring me on the importance of tweeting …so I have sent out the odd note but I’m not up to a full blown morning chorus…as yet

SIIA 7_9_15

The learning doesn’t stop here as I have also completed the sighted guiding training course with RNIB. It not only brought home to me the amount of trust that is required by a blind person but also how your sight makes you pay so much more attention to what people are saying. I was reminded that it is through listening we understand.

Guiding Training

I have also signed up for an online Excel for business course, the challenge of using a long drop toilet in rural SA is nothing compared to the dreaded spreadsheet!!